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West Los Angeles


CAD work for architects designers and artists

(312) 471-3791 artisan work. Dylan Rumley, science art

822-405-7380 Ibeam house. mentioned in Vectorworks Masterworks '99 competition with 2017 renderings.

Making of Ibeam house

PLANS not for construction

(908) 291-6705 study of maximum house on minimum lot

Lifting body, and forward swept wings to save feul.

thermogenetic Making of lifting body forward swept wing plane.

movie made with C4D...

JetGlider. Jet engine for takeoff, extended flight. Soar thermals for fuel-free altitude.

Flint. Reuseable personal orbiter, flyer.

SPACE RAT FLY IN movie made with RayDream

A SpaceRat/Aero fantasy.

Making of Flint.

SpaceRat study...

Old Ideas...

(843) 335-8975 35mm photos
sketch books
(830) 580-7183

(302) 455-0778 R/C aircraft from scratch

5099639742 ...Something Completely Different...